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Toss & Flip A Coin Online - A simple coin flipping simulator app that can give you instant heads or tails result.

dime Headsdime Tails
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This Coins Are Flipped For About Times.

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  • Liberty-Nickel Heads
    Liberty-Nickel Tails
  • Lincoln memorial cent Heads
    Lincoln memorial cent Tails
  • 2000-p-sacagawea-dollar Heads
    2000-p-sacagawea-dollar Tails
  • flowing-hair-silver-dollar Heads
    flowing-hair-silver-dollar Tails
  • dime Heads
    dime Tails
  • Half-Dollar Heads
    Half-Dollar Tails

Flip A Coin Online To Decide

Flip A Coin - Coin Toss - Online Coin Flip - Heads And Tails

Coin Flipping is one of the best ways to decide between two options. If you need to pick where to go out to eat, you can flip a coin. If you need to choose what to see at the movies, you can toss a coin. If you need to decide what to name your first-born son, you can consider flipping a coin. And if you don't get your way, you can always beg the other person to try three out of five, four out of seven, five out of nine and so on... But we don't always have coins around. Luckily, there is a solution: the virtual coins at Flipacoin.bid! Toss the coins as many times you needed and wanted. Enjoy ;-)

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